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Prospective Students

Are we recruiting?

Only selectively, see below.

Should you send Swabha an email?

Due to the high volume of email, there is very little chance Swabha will be responsive to your email, sorry! See special cases below.  

PhD Applicants

Please wait till Fall 2023 for more announcements.

If you’re already at USC:

  • PhD Students: If you think your interests overlap considerably with DILL and would like to collaborate, do email Swabha.
  • Masters Students:
    • RAships: We might recruit motivated Masters students with research experience based on availability of time in Summer / Fall 2023. If interested in our lab, please email Swabha a copy of your CV and/or a link to your website.
    • TAships: We are not looking for any Masters Students as TAs at the moment.
  • Undergrads: Please feel free to email Swabha if you are looking for research opportunities. See other opportunities at CURVE USC.

If you’re not at USC:

  • High-school students: Please consider K-12 research opportunities at USC, we do not know our plans to recruit summer students yet.
  • Prospective Masters students: At the moment, we have no openings for you - apologies!
  • Prospective PhD students: See above.
  • Others: Swabha might not respond if you’re looking for recruitment - apologies! Other emails about research questions etc. are welcome, though she might be slow to respond to them.