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  1. arXiv
    NeuroComparatives: Neuro-Symbolic Distillation of Comparative Knowledge
    Howard, Phillip; Wang, Junlin; Lal, Vasudev; Singer, Gadi; Choi, Yejin;  and Swayamdipta, Swabha
  2. arXiv
    We’re Afraid Language Models Aren’t Modeling Ambiguity
    Liu, Alisa; Wu, Zhaofeng; Michael, Julian; Suhr, Alane; West, Peter; Koller, Alexander; Swayamdipta, Swabha;  Smith, Noah A. and 1 more author
  3. ACL
    COBRA Frames: Contextual Reasoning about Effects and Harms of Offensive Statements
    Zhou, Xuhui; Zhu, Hao; Yerukola, Akhila; Davidson, Thomas; Hwang, Jena D.; Swayamdipta, Swabha;  and Sap, Maarten
    In Findings of ACL (To Appear) 2023
  4. ACL
    I2D2: Inductive Knowledge Distillation with NeuroLogic and Self-Imitation
    Bhagavatula, Chandra; Hwang, Jena D.; Downey, Doug; Bras, Ronan Le; Lu, Ximing; Sakaguchi, Keisuke; Swayamdipta, Swabha;  West, Peter and 1 more author
    In Proc. of ACL (To Appear) 2023
  5. ACL
    REV: Information-Theoretic Evaluation of Free-Text Rationales
    Chen, Hanjie; Brahman, Faeze; Ren, Xiang; Ji, Yangfeng; Choi, Yejin;  and Swayamdipta, Swabha
    In Proc. of ACL (To Appear) 2023


  1. arXiv
    MAUVE Scores for Generative Models: Theory and Practice
    Pillutla, Krishna; Liu, Lang; Thickstun, John; Welleck, Sean; Swayamdipta, Swabha; Zellers, Rowan; Oh, Sewoong;  Choi, Yejin and 1 more author
  2. EMNLP
    Investigating the Benefits of Free-Form Rationales
    Sun, Jiao; Swayamdipta, Swabha; May, Jonathan;  and Ma, Xuezhe
    In Findings of EMNLP 2022
  3. EMNLP
    NeuroCounterfactuals: Beyond Minimal-Edit Counterfactuals for Richer Data Augmentation
    Howard, Phillip; Singer, Gadi; Lal, Vasudev; Choi, Yejin;  and Swayamdipta, Swabha
    In Findings of EMNLP 2022
  4. EMNLP
    WaNLI: Worker and AI Collaboration for Natural Language Inference Dataset Creation
    Liu, Alisa; Swayamdipta, Swabha; Smith, Noah A.;  and Choi, Yejin
    In Findings of EMNLP 2022
  5. NAACL
    Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Deep Learning for Low-Resource Natural Language Processing
    Cherry, Colin; Fan, Angela; Foster, George; Haffari, Gholamreza (Reza); Khadivi, Shahram; Peng, Nanyun (Violet); Ren, Xiang;  Shareghi, Ehsan and 1 more author
    Jul 2022
  6. NAACL
    Reframing Human-AI Collaboration for Generating Free-Text Explanations
    Wiegreffe, Sarah; Hessel, Jack; Swayamdipta, Swabha; Riedl, Mark;  and Choi, Yejin
    In Proc. of NAACL Jul 2022
  7. NAACL
    Annotators with Attitudes: How Annotator Beliefs And Identities Bias Toxic Language Detection
    Sap, Maarten; Swayamdipta, Swabha; Vianna, Laura; Zhou, Xuhui; Choi, Yejin;  and Smith, Noah A.
    In Proc. of NAACL Jul 2022
  8. ICML
    Understanding Dataset Difficulty with 𝒱-Usable Information
    Ethayarajh, Kawin; Choi, Yejin;  and Swayamdipta, Swabha
    In Proc. of ICML Jul 2022


  1. NeurIPS
    MAUVE: Measuring the Gap Between Neural Text and Human Text using Divergence Frontiers
    Pillutla, Krishna; Swayamdipta, Swabha; Zellers, Rowan; Thickstun, John; Wellecks, Sean; Choi, Yejin;  and Harchaoui, Zaid
    In Proc. of NeurIPS Jul 2021
  2. EMNLP
    Sister Help: Data Augmentation for Frame-Semantic Role Labeling
    Pancholy, Ayush; Petruck, Miriam R. L.;  and Swayamdipta, Swabha
    In Proc. of LAW-DMR Workshop at EMNLP Jul 2021
  3. EMNLP
    Contrastive Explanations for Model Interpretability
    Jacovi, Alon; Swayamdipta, Swabha; Ravfogel, Shauli; Elazar, Yanai; Choi, Yejin;  and Goldberg, Yoav
    In Proc. of EMNLP Jul 2021
  4. ACL
    DExperts: Decoding-Time Controlled Text Generation with Experts and Anti-Experts
    Liu, Alisa; Sap, Maarten; Lu, Ximing; Swayamdipta, Swabha; Bhagavatula, Chandra; Smith, Noah A.;  and Choi, Yejin
    In Proc. of ACL Jul 2021
  5. EACL
    Challenges in Automated Debiasing for Toxic Language Detection
    Zhou, Xuhui; Sap, Maarten; Swayamdipta, Swabha; Smith, Noah A.;  and Choi, Yejin
    In Proc. of EACL Jul 2021


  1. EMNLP
    Dataset Cartography: Mapping and Diagnosing Datasets with Training Dynamics
    Swayamdipta, Swabha; Schwartz, Roy; Lourie, Nicholas; Wang, Yizhong; Hajishirzi, Hannaneh; Smith, Noah A.;  and Choi, Yejin
    In Proc. of EMNLP Jul 2020
  2. ACL
    Don’t Stop Pretraining: Adapt Language Models to Domains and Tasks
    Gururangan, Suchin; Marasović, Ana; Swayamdipta, Swabha; Lo, Kyle; Beltagy, Iz; Downey, Doug;  and Smith, Noah A.
    In Proc. of ACL Jul 2020
  3. ICML
    Adversarial Filters of Dataset Biases
    LeBras, Ronan; Swayamdipta, Swabha; Bhagavatula, Chandra; Zellers, Rowan; Peters, Matthew E.; Sabharwal, Ashish;  and Choi, Yejin
    In Proc. of ICML Jul 2020
  4. ACL
    The Right Tool for the Job: Matching Model and Instance Complexities
    Schwartz, Roy; Stanovsky, Gabi; Swayamdipta, Swabha; Dodge, Jesse;  and Smith, Noah A.
    In Proc. of ACL Jul 2020
  5. EMNLP
    G-DAUG: Generative Data Augmentation for Commonsense Reasoning
    Yang, Yiben; Malaviya, Chaitanya; Fernandez, Jared; Swayamdipta, Swabha; LeBras, Ronan; Wang, Ji-Ping; Bhagavatula, Chandra;  Choi, Yejin and 1 more author
    In Proc. of EMNLP Jun 2020


  1. NAACL
    Tutorial on Transfer Learning in Natural Language Processing
    Ruder, Sebastian; Peters, Matthew E; Swayamdipta, Swabha;  and Wolf, Thomas
    In Proc. of NAACL Jun 2019
  2. arXiv
    Shallow Syntax in Deep Water
    Swayamdipta, Swabha; Peters, Matthew; Roof, Brendan; Dyer, Chris;  and Smith, Noah A.
    Jun 2019


  1. NAACL
    Annotation Artifacts in Natural Language Inference Data
    Gururangan, Suchin; Swayamdipta, Swabha; Levy, Omer; Schwartz, Roy; Bowman, Samuel;  and Smith, Noah A.
    In Proc. of NAACL Jun 2018
  2. EMNLP
    Syntactic Scaffolds for Semantic Structures
    Swayamdipta, Swabha; Thomson, Sam; Lee, Kenton; Zettlemoyer, Luke; Dyer, Chris;  and Smith, Noah A.
    In EMNLP Jun 2018
  3. ICLR
    Multi-Mention Learning for Reading Comprehension with Neural Cascades
    Swayamdipta, Swabha; Parikh, Ankur P;  and Kwiatkowski, Tom
    In Proc. of ICLR Jun 2018
  4. NAACL
    Learning Joint Semantic Parsers from Disjoint Data
    Peng, Hao; Thomson, Sam; Swayamdipta, Swabha;  and Smith, Noah A.
    In Proc. of NAACL Jun 2018
  5. ACL
    Polyglot Semantic Role Labeling
    Mulcaire, Phoebe; Swayamdipta, Swabha;  and Smith, Noah A.
    In Proc. of ACL Jun 2018
    Frame Semantics across Languages: Towards a Multilingual FrameNet
    Baker, Collin F.; Ellsworth, Michael; Petruck, Miriam R. L.;  and Swayamdipta, Swabha
    In COLING: Tutorial Abstracts Aug 2018


  1. arXiv
    DyNet: The Dynamic Neural Network Toolkit
    Neubig, Graham; Dyer, Chris; Goldberg, Yoav; Matthews, Austin; Ammar, Waleed; Anastasopoulos, Antonios; Ballesteros, Miguel;  Chiang, David and 17 more authors
    Aug 2017
  2. arXiv
    Frame-Semantic Parsing with Softmax-Margin Segmental RNNs and a Syntactic Scaffold
    Swayamdipta, Swabha; Thomson, Sam; Dyer, Chris;  and Smith, Noah A.
    Aug 2017


  1. CoNLL
    Greedy, Joint Syntactic-Semantic Parsing with Stack LSTMs
    Swayamdipta, Swabha; Ballesteros, Miguel; Dyer, Chris;  and Smith, Noah A.
    In Proc. of CoNLL Aug 2016


  1. EMNLP
    A Dependency Parser for Tweets
    Kong, Lingpeng; Schneider, Nathan; Swayamdipta, Swabha; Archna, Bhatia; Dyer, Chris;  and Smith, Noah A.
    In Proc. of EMNLP Aug 2014
  2. SemEval
    CMU: Arc-Factored, Discriminative Semantic Dependency Parsing
    Thomson, Sam; O’Connor, Brendan; Flanigan, Jeffrey; Bamman, David; Dodge, Jesse; Swayamdipta, Swabha; Schneider, Nathan;  Dyer, Chris and 1 more author
    In Proc. of SemEval Aug 2014
  3. WMT
    The CMU machine translation systems at WMT 2014
    Matthews, Austin; Ammar, Waleed; Bhatia, Archna; Feely, Weston; Hanneman, Greg; Schlinger, Eva; Swayamdipta, Swabha;  Tsvetkov, Yulia and 2 more authors
    In Proc. of WMT Aug 2014


  1. ICSC
    The Pursuit of Power and its Manifestation in Written Dialog
    Swayamdipta, Swabha;  and Rambow, Owen
    In Proc. of ICSC Aug 2012