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DILL Lab through the years.

Spring 2024: DILL lab office hours for undergrads. From L to R: Xinyue, Keyu, Jacky, Danny, Joseph, Ryan, Aryan, Swabha, Jaspreet, Brihi, Matt, Sayan, Yoonsoo, Risha.
Fall 2023: DILL Lab celebrated Thanksgiving with hosts Dexter the cat and Kili the dog.
Fall 2023: Everyone brought along some TG fare.
Fall 2023: Welcome Social for DILL.
Fall 2023: We hosted Julia Mendelsohn (left).
Summer 2023: Icecream Social. From L to R: Swabha, Sayan, Yoonsoo, Jaspreet, Ruyuan, Kritin and Urja.
Summer 2023: DILL teamed up with GLAMOR for a social picnic at Kenneth Hahn State Park.
Fall 2022: Thanksgiving hosted by Kili the dog.
Fall 2022: On our way to boba.